“Leslie, when I first contacted you to customize a Program for Emirates Hotels & Resorts, I was not sure if our unique challenge could be handled by you and your team. I must say, having had both the Harbour View & Green Lakes, go through your 2 weeks training , my staff and management have not stopped singing praises and I am personally pleased with not just the Impact and End Result but the forming of a culture we can now call our own. Thank You!”

Hans Hensel
Divisional Senior.

Vice President – Emirates Group

“The name ‘Leslie Choudhury’ became an icon for creativity, originality, innovativeness, epitome of fun, and ingenious ideas. Leslie gives you the inspiration to be more productive, inventive, prolific whilst being cool and stimulating. Leslie Choudhury made a name in the hospitality and education industry. Everyone knows : There is Nobody else like Leslie. You will never know unless you experience a day of learning with ‘Leslie Choudhury’.”

Fay Lugue – Managing Director – Travel

Singapore / Philippines

“An astonishing man, the David Blaine of the training/speaking world and the Michael Jordan of all trainers/speakers, simply the best. Thank You Leslie! God Bless!.”

Stanley Elwynn Choi


“Leslie is one of the most dynamic speakers I have met! His wit and charming humor combined with his zealous applications of Directive Communication Psychology really make a noticeable and lasting difference in his audiences. He is a Great Speaker, an Artist of Influence, and an Exceptional facilitator of Excellence in others”

Arthur F. Carmazzi
Founder of the Directive Communication™


“I really enjoyed and learnt from the sessions by Leslie. The content, knowledge transfer process and the experiential activities are very effective and the delivery by Leslie is excellent, one of the best trainers I have ever met. “

General Manager

“Thank you too for being such a pleasure to work with, and special thanks for the trainings you conducted for us, we learnt so much from it. Leslie is:

Our # 1 selling trainer for in house trainings

Our # 1 trainer receiving highest number of positive evaluations from clients

Our # 1 most colorful and animated trainer

Looking forward to our continued working together!”

Manpreet Sanchana
Conference Director
Marcus Evans, Kuala Lumpur

“You have been fabulous. The only speaker to get a standing ovation! All my delegates have fallen in love with you and are asking for more. Through you, it has been Multievents success. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you. We are working on 2011 programs with you….and I am sure that we will now easily fill the room with 300+ delegates this time.”

Co-Founder & Founder
Multievents Ltd

“Leslie helped the senior management team of Saudi Paper to formulate a new Vision, a Strategic Plan and energized us to work towards that. Thank You.”

Mubarak Alkhater
Saudi Paper Group

“Leslie Choudhury conducted a Program on ‘Personal Leadership.’ Participants included the Vice – Chancellor of a leading university, Chairmen and Managing Directors of Banks and large Conglomerates. The Governor, Bangladesh (Central) Bank formally inaugurated the Program.I asked myself what led ‘Gurus International’ to rank a youngish-looking man like him as one of the World’s top Communication Gurus. I wondered, if I had chosen the right Person to deliver the Program which we had marketed with lofty promises. To my utter satisfaction, the young Guru wearing his favourite red Jacket proved within minutes of his public appearance that there could be no other person than him to conduct such a largely attended Program. INTIMATE had never registered such a big number of Participants comprising of senior level Professionals, in any of its Programs before. Leslie’s enchanting style of presentation, eloquent deliberation, witty and humorous interaction kept the audience spell-bound throughout the Program that ended with high applause for him.”

M H Rahman
Managing Partner
INTIMATE & Chairman ARENCO Group – Bangladesh

“In a delightful, boisterous and rather untraditional manner that rivets your attention, Leslie Choudhury defines how to actualize your self-awareness to successfully relate to people in all circumstances. He stands out as a master story-teller who can reach a diverse audience without any boundaries or limitations. It is only Leslie who can wear a red jacket with such panache for he delivers quite a powerful message that will be remembered for a long time to come. “

Tatiana Banicevic
Assistant Vice President

“Working with Leslie Choudhury has exceeded all our expectations. Leslie’s motivational, passionate, colourful and inclusive style of training has contributed tremendously toward the development of STS’s staff and we will be undoubtedly working with Leslie in the future “

Alex Clark
General Manager Operations
Special Technical Services L.L.C.

“Leslie amazed me with his way of speaking and communicating with us! He is a great speaker who knows what is he talking about and who knows the ‘KNOW HOW’! He is a person who honestly enjoys life with passion and fun and at the same time he is able to make a huge positive influence on other people Leslie Choudhury is someone who has SOMETHING to say! If you heard him to talk once you will never forget him! Well….my only advice to get a chance to listen to him! “

Gyongyi Bottas
HR Manager Maldives

“When I walked into the conference room I thought “this guy better be good at what he does” – and yes you were!! We all had an enlightening experience and will benefit from the lessons learned and experiences shared. I for one now have a whole new concept in my mind when the word “Presentation” comes up. It was a pleasure to receive you in Oman. Looking forward to our next meeting.
Best Regards,
PS – I totally get the jackets now! “

Farid Elahi
Sr. Division Manager | Director Sultanate of Oman
Special Technical Services L.L.C.

“I have become one of your greatest fans and will consult your blog regularly. It was wonderful experience for me to have come across someone like you, very humble but with incredible passion, a determined person with extra-ordinary energy. You say the simple truth in such an elegant way that many people cannot do; my Master of Wows – (your nickname). Leslie, God has given you the power to light up the lives of many people who cross your path. You have left your footprints in Mauritius.

Sooraya Soormally
Sales & Marketing Manager
Le Matinal / The Independent Daily APCA GROUP (Mauritius-India-Nepal)

I’ve listened to many gurus in my life but never met someone like you…you are an outstanding fellow who change and drive people….I feel energized and even more determined in realizing all my ambitions and there’s something you said that I will remember for the rest of my life…..if you want to achieve great things in life, you have to dream first, then plan, believe, act and actualize. This and the explanation was phenomenal!

Dr. Ranjiv Boolauck
Head Corporate Planning & Development

The Vision Alignment program conducted by Leslie Choudhury was amazing. We could see positive behaviour change from our core team members by even just the 2nd week, which in turn affected the rest of the company. As our industry is very competitive and time sensitive one; where we encounter constant and varied challenges that this training addressed so appropriately. This training of and applying Directive Communication Psychology has made our people more cohesive and approach challenges with a positive attitude. All of our guests at the final presentation were very impressed with the energy and the commitment of our people. I am proud of my staff and despite of the time commitment and expenses I feel and know it was a well justified decision. I highly recommend this program for any organisation who wants to bring out the very best performance from their people and create a productive environment which is aligned to corporate vision.

Thank You Leslie & Directive Communication International.

Tan Jit Khoon
Chief Executive Officer
Winson Press Pte Ltd www.winson.com

“I admire the unique way Leslie presents, incorporating different ways and techniques to convince the audience about the subject matter. The great varying of material, from power point, to video clips, his stories, illustrations, demonstrations and all the other different tools. It makes a big difference and deep impact. I unreservedly recommend Leslie for anyone that would like to improve their skills but in a very dynamic way! “

Marwan Jassim Al Sarkal
Chief Executive Officer
Al Qasba Development Authority Sharjah United Arab Emirates

Thanks for Inspiring and firing up the Emirates HolidaysTeam ! You were entrusted with training my key managers and you delivered.
Thank you for also being our Keynote speaker for Emirates Holidays Brochure Launch & Workshop on Leadership Alignment to 600+ worldwide guests!

John Felix
Sr. Vice President
Emirates Holiday Dubai. U.A.E.

“Leslie was so good in using story-telling and videos to elaborate theories and concepts that I not only am able to remember many of them (without regurgitating) but also know how to apply them………..”

I seriously enjoyed your workshop thoroughly. You have the ability to draw attention from your audience and make learning a very fun event. It was really time well-spent for me. Thank you and hope to see you again.

Chorina Khoo
Director – Training & Personnel Development,
Asia Regional Office – Asia (Based in SIN)


“This was the best training I have ever attended, it helped me both personally and professionally. I know this training met my needs and the needs of the Emirates Holidays team, not just motivational but life-changing – beyond mere words can truly describe……Thank you.”

Jyrki Nilson
Regional Manager Commercial Operations
Emirates Holidays

“Customer service is of utmost importance to our industry. The training by Leslie Choudhury was delivered with great fun and interests to empower us to serve even better in time to come. The course is relevant, insightful and it was a day well spent. Everyone in the company had learnt the importance of communication and this had greatly improved our working relationships with each other. Thanks Leslie for a job well done!”

Chris Quek A.P
General Manager
KCS Medical and Dental Group


“In 26 years of corporate life I have never had such training ever, it was pragmatic, extremely useful, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your valuable inputs and for some real life experiences.. This will assist me in understanding my colleagues better and will work cohesively to achieve a positive result for EKH. I certainly had fun and I have decided to sow positive thoughts towards making that difference.”

Rui Sequeira
Pricing Manager, – Emirates Holidays

“When it comes to learning facilitation, the measure of the man has delighted learners. Leslie’s professionalism and inter-personal relationship in the courses he facilitated in Singapore and other countries; they reach the sublime, consistently.”

George Gaspar PBM.
Chief Executive
Personnel & Organization Development (Pte) Ltd.

“Leslie is a totally engaging, articulate and witty trainer who continues to raise the bar with innovative, exciting and participative workshops”

Christopher Mills
Managing Director
Core Measures Pte Ltd


“It’s my pleasure to attend your class. I must mention that the bold statement that you made on the first day, ‘This will be the Best Training you have ever attended in your Life,’ was no BS. Attending your class is definitely one of the best in the world and I refuse to attend any other classes unless the trainer is Leslie Choudhury. You are fantastic and AWESOME! I just can’t believe I have the honour to meet you in person.”

Major Isaac Lim
Singapore Armed Forces

“Leslie Is a Speaker: Inspirational and Intellectual. I also liked your Identity and your personal branding ! – it’s bold, strong and prominent. You were different from any other speaker there ! You are simply wonderful! In conclusion, all the delegates acknowledged you were the best among all the 12 international speakers !”

Margaret Hoe

“Leslie’s impact was not only made by the shining colour of his outfit , but also by the smooth and fabulous quality of his training. This is one of the courses I most enjoyed and learned from . It’s totally inspiring. Many of the paradigms that we all took for granted will change now , both at work and at home. We all indeed had a great time and I personally look forward to another life-time changing experience with Leslie! “

Ashraf Eisouh
General Manager – Sales
Zamil Steel /SSD

“The Corporate Culture training with Mr. Leslie Choudhury was definitely was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. Leaving the class room with a WOW feeling every single day and being able to apply everything which has been taught in the classroom is one of the greatest things ever! Leslie is one of those people who can motivate you to the extreme- He made you believe you CAN. He’s an amazing person and so is the training- well structured, organized, full of examples, powerful, motivating, etc Thanks a lot for this eye-opener Leslie and Boooyaaaahhh! “

Annett Neugebauer ( Germany )

“Touching Minds & Hearts of people is not an easy, but you do it & masterfully ! You are different with unique branding! You have the most powerful persuasive technique which engages people’s full senses and with Story-Telling influence, communicate & inspire. Thanks again for the advanced leadership excellence workshop.”

Dr. Ayman

A dynamic, exciting presentation, where Leslie’s brain colour explanation really helped us appreciate differences amongst staff members. He makes learning fun and took us through hands-on exercises to help reinforce those principles. We laughed, shouted and at the end of his presentations, walked out a better team

Doug Erdmann
Country Leader
The Navigators Singapore

“Leslie’s training is powerful, sensational, knowledgeable and practical. We were delighted with the Advanced leadership Excellence training and gained a lot from it. Practical points were dealt with and the workshop was executed with maximum benefit , he was able to get the points that needed management emphasis and to be thoroughly dealt with, all in all it was a Great Experience and we thank you for it.”

Dr. Taleb

“I am not debating over what number, Guru International recently rated Leslie in communication. I saw him at his best in communication, fabulous in delivering the training material, uncanny ability to keep the audience involved, with his charismatic mentoring ability, a great orator and an influential senses-catcher, master story teller, especially in the inspirational and motivational aspects, a superb trainer with tons of professional experience to draw from.”

Fayaz Faheem
Group HR, Admin & Training Manager Saudi Paper Manufacturing Co

“An astonishing man, the David Blaine of the training world and the Michael Jordan of all trainers, simply the best. What I learned best from Leslie is that you find what you seek and focus on. You will never see your true potential unless you apply what you learn. Also don’t let other people take control of your life, your life is your own and only you yourself, can change that. Thank You Leslie! God Bless! “

Stanley Elwynn Choi
Marketing Manager – FMCG

“Leslie Choudhury is truly one of those persons able to make principles in life easier to understand. His unique style in presenting ideas and thoughts surely gave his students their ‘AHA’ moments. I can honestly say that what he shared did make a big difference in my professional life! Way to go…!”

Ms. Averyl Orejola
Course Consultant of GIG Education Centre- The Teacher Developer.

“I attended a leadership training with Dell in Penang, Malaysia conducted by Leslie Choudhury.

It was a big eye opener for me and the people in that class. We were taught how to be motivated and how to manage people a certain way depending on each other’s coloured brain’s profile and emotional drivers. This ‘Directive Communication Psychology’ was amazing.

We need to have Leslie come over to the Philippines to teach staff here in DELL Philippines.

I used this ‘psychology’ with the people i managed at that time and it worked very well and my group’s numbers / results grew quarter on quarter.

Gloria Tey
DELL Philippines

“I had the pleasure of having Leslie as my trainer and it was a once in a lifetime experience. The training, the psychological tools he taught us gave me the ability to bring the best out of me and the best out of others every day at work. Never miss an opportunity to be trained by Leslie!”

Emmy Rose Tanguines
Angeles University Foundation

“I first heard Leslie speak at MICECON, in Cebu Philippines. He was absolutely amazing! The best speaker of the entire conference which had both local and international speakers. He was able to customize his talk, make it relevant to us here in the Philippines and the challenges we face. I simply loved his talk, his stories and yes his book! I cannot wait for the next opportunity to listen to him.”

Jessica Igana Dantes – Sales & Marketing Manger
Blue Horizons Travel & Tours Inc, Cebu, Philippines.

“I had the pleasure of having Leslie as my trainer and it was a once in a lifetime experience. The training, the psychological tools he taught us gave me the ability to bring the best out of me and the best out of others every day at work. Never miss an opportunity to be trained by Leslie!”

Emmy Rose Tanguines
Angeles University Foundation

“When Leslie speaks you have to listen. He captures attention with his humour and his real life stories. Best speaker and trainer I have ever come across. Looking forward to use him to train the people in my association here in Cebu, Philippines.”

Mario-Alice Queblatin
Education Committee Member – Cebu, Philippines

“Leslie Choudhury and his team, trained our entire hotel in 14 days, 400 + staff over 14 days in a unique pre-opening ‘Cultural Revolution’ program. It was amazing! We developed a culture that was ‘ours’ and it was a unifying experience. It armed us with the tools we needed to be the best. Thank you Leslie & Directive Communication Psychology!”

Julie Garcia
Marriott International