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The Ultimate Psychological Tool for Leaders & Managers

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The Ultimate Psychological Tool for Teachers & Trainers

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The Ultimate Psychological Tool for Influencing People

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Leslie Choudhury is Not a trainer, he is a transformer of individuals, teams and organizations. Armed with his hilarity and wit, Leslie uses Directive Communication Psychology, NLP, Positive & Biblical Psychology to Cultivate Powerful Leadership, a Winning Company Culture, Internal Communications, Sales, Negotiations & Service within. With unique mind-bending strategies, he Trains your people to Influence, Inspire and Move those they come in contact with, into Decisions and Commitments. He is Asia’s leading Leadership Communication trainer and has been voted consistently in the top 30 worldwide as one of the most Influential Communication gurus in the world, by Gurus International.

Quality of
Life depends on….

Who you spend time with impacts on your quality of life! Examine the scope and influences that impact your life. This includes who you listen to, who you learn from, the books you read and TV programs you watch.

Your future will be the same as your past unless you examine your quality of life. By this I’m not referring to the place you live, car you drive the chattels you’ve gathered or the stocks and shares you have accumulated.

To examine your quality of life, listen to your body.

Is your thinking excessive?

Does your body carry anxiety?

Do you have harmony in your heart?

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The Secrets of Customer Service

Customer Relationship Management

Change Management Leadership

Emotional Intelligence Leadership

The Psychology of Sales Effectiveness

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Raising up the 2nd Generation Leadership

Cutting Edge Negotiations

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The Psychology of Story-Telling for Leaders & Managers

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Being the Best You Can Be

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The Psychology of Super Communications

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