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Leslie Choudhury accepted the Lord in 1971, and has been walking with Jesus Christ for 47 years. (with some years in the wilderness). He has been married for 35 years to a lovely, Godly woman named Cecilia and together, own and run Leslie Choudhury International Private Limited, a company committed to  transforming individuals,  teams and organizations to greater influence and commitment.

Leslie is Asia’s leading communication trainer and has been consistently been voted as one of, the most influential communication gurus in the world, in 20102016 by Gurus International.

Choudhury started serving in Wesley Methodist Church in 1975, in Sunday School, teaching and leading worship. He was briefly involved with the Eagles Christian Organization before he got challenged and got grounded in the basics by the Navigators Teen Ministry from 1976-1977 in Singapore. As required in Singapore Leslie served his National Service Leslie as a Physical Training Instructor, (licensed to torture men) during which time he plugged himself into the Navigator Military Ministry in Singapore.

After completing his National Service, he pursued his University degree at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA. God was gracious to provide Leslie from day 1 an apartment living accommodation with 5 other seasoned Navigators, 2 older students and the others; working adults. After a year plus of involvement, Leslie was asked to lead the Navigator University Ministry of Hawaii until his final year where a full-time Navigator Staff was sent to Hawaii and took over from him. Choudhury lived on many short stints with Hal & Karen Jensen, the Island’s Navigator Representative as much as he could in preparation to go full-time as a Navigator Staff on graduation. God however had another plan, and it was decided he should get some corporate working experience so he got married, to Cecilia whom came to Hawaii in his last year there where she became administration assistant to the Navigator Representative, being trained as a ‘Navigator’ wife!

Leslie with wife in tow, moved to Atlanta, Georgia to work at Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel and continued to be involved there with the Navigators Community Ministry until they returned to Singapore. Back to Singapore he struggled to find a balance between work, ministry, church and family. After a brief period in the wilderness and changing churches 3 times, Leslie got out of working in the corporate world and started his journey of faith by starting up a soft-skills training company without knowing how or where his next dollar would come from!

God blessed the business and Leslie started attending Eternal Life Assembly (current church) and eventually served there both leading a cell group and being part of the EXCO to steer the cell groups growth and direction. Leslie also returned to work with the Navigators in Singapore speaking and training the full-time staff leadership team and their various ministries in ITE, Polytechnic, University, 20-30’s, professionals, community and Alumni Navs. In January, 2018 Leslie & Cecilia have been invited on board, as Associate Staff of the Navigators Singapore.

Leslie has trained the pastoral and full-time staff of Eternal Life Assembly of God, Men’s ministry team of Paya Lebar Methodist Church, both the parents and youth of Calvary Baptist Church, spoken regularly at Angora Brethren Church, and speaks and trains other churches and para-church groups regionally on invitation.

He has one precious son of 19 years old named Zackery. Leslie takes pleasure to serve God, as He leads.

“A dynamic, exciting presentation, where Leslie’s brain colour explanation really helped us appreciate differences amongst staff members. He makes learning fun and took us through hands-on exercises to help reinforce those principles. We laughed, shouted and at the end of his presentations, walked out a better team “

Doug Erdmann – Former Country Leader – The Navigators Singapore
A master and captivating story-teller- Yap Kim Meng – Current National Director – The Navigators Singapore.

“You planned and executed your plans perfectly. You are an excellent teacher. Indeed, God gave you the courage and insight to touch the soft spots of ministering to us. That was tough but you were led to give some pointers, nicely and not bluntly but with humour! God used you.”

Jane Ng – Associate Staff – Navigators.

“Thank you, Leslie, for the very enlightening and entertaining session. As usual, your talk sent waves of excitement among our students days after, and until last night, we are seeing the effect of your talk in our whatsapp chatrooms 🙂 We are impressed also by your personal touch to Ben and a few of the students who interacted with you at the canteen. This is truly the Navigator DNA – heart for the individuals! Thanking God for your heart of service to Him. Our heartfelt appreciation to Cecilia and you for serving us and His Kingdom in this special way. “

Viloane & Patricia Ko
Navigator Poly Ministry

“It was a great session for the Navigator staff. Joyce really liked the blessing that you had the baby boomers do of the rest. I liked the fact that you tried to tie much of it into discipling others. “

Joyce Erdman

“Leslie, that was a superb session for all of us. Even though I am attending it the second time, I have learnt again that if I need to help another, I need to focus on the other person’s “color” and not only on mine… Thank you to both Cecilia and yourself for your invaluable service to us. “

Robert Yuen – Full-Time Navigator Staff 20’s – 30’s Ministry.

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+65 9 634 7354 - Leslie Choudhury - CEO