Motivational Profile

Leslie Choudhury is a transformer of individuals and teams. Armed with his hilarity and wit, Leslie uses Directive Communication Psychology to cultivate Entertaining, Engaging and Powerful Communication within you and your team, whether it is, 1 to 1 or 1 to 10,000. With unique mind-bending strategies, he will motivate, influence, and inspire your staff into decisions, commitments and action. He is Asia’s leading communication trainer and has been voted as the number 6 communication guru in the world, by Gurus International.

Leslie has had countless awards for his ability to motivate, influence and inspire clients, staff and large international audiences including the President’s/CEO’s award for running the best Sales team in Sheraton Hotels and the“EIBTM – IT & ME Personality Award for Asia & Pacific”. He has served as Vice-President of the National Association of Travel Agents, President of SITE Singapore, on the advisory committee to the “National Tourism Plan” for Singapore Tourism Board,  Advisory Board of Radisson Hotels Internationals, was consultant to Rosenbluth International, (3rd largest Travel Agency till American Express bought it),  Cendant Inc, (The World’s largest service company).

Leslie is certified in Directive Communication psychology and the only person in Asia with ‘CITE’ status, (awarded by SITE International – New York) and one of 48 worldwide recognizing his communication ability and motivational skills.

Leslie Choudhury has a BBA from the University of Hawaii, USA.

Leslie has been the CEO or GM of 4 different companies in 4 different countries, namely in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

He is an accredited trainer with the American Institute of Business Psychology and has used his extensive training to give power to his participants across the globe. Given his extensive and diverse background, intuitive education, global experience and marvelously entertaining training and speaking style, Leslie Choudhury, will maximize you and your team’s encounter into a life-changing experience that will transform your team into commanding personal and corporate effectiveness.

Keynote or Motivational Sample Listing

Emirates Holiday Brochure – Sales Kick-Off – Dubai – 2,000pax

IT & CMA – Bangkok, Thailand - 1,500 pax

IT & CMA – Shanghai, China – 1,200 pax

Green Lakes Hotel – Dubai - 400 + pax

Emirates Holidays – Leadership team – Dubai – 130pax

Emirates Harbor Hotel – Dubai - 400+ pax

Telecoms Namibia – Business Acquisition Team – 2009

Saigon Tourist Holdings – Vietnam’s Largest Hotel Chain - GM’s Leadership Meeting – 2005 – 75pax

Timeshare International Conference – Las Vegas – 1,500pax

Timeshare International Conference – Florida, USA – 1500pax

SITE International Conference – Auckland, New Zealand - 4,000pax

SITE International Conference – Hong Kong – 500pax

PCVB – Annual Incentive Meeting – Philippines – 4 consecutive years invitation – 500+ pax

Peninsular Line Sales Launch – London, England – 200pax

Marcus Evans International Conference – Singapore – 200pax

Indonesia Incentive Meeting – Jakarta, Indonesia - 500pax

“Leslie, when I first contacted you to customize a Program for Emirates Hotels & Resorts, I was not sure if our unique challenge could be handled by you and your team. I must say, having had both the Harbour & Green Lakes, go through your 2 weeks training , my staff and management have not stopped singing praises and I am personally pleased with not just the Impact and End Result but the forming of a culture we can now call our own. Thank You!”

Hans Hensel – Divisional Senior.
Vice President – Emirates Group

“Leslie is one of those people who can motivate you to the extreme- if he would tell you to jump out of the window and fly; you would do- because he made you believe you CAN.
Thanks a lot for this eye-opener Leslie and Boooyaaaahhh! “

Annett Neugebauer ( Germany ),
Green Lakes Serviced Apartments (Emirates Hotels & Resorts)

“This was the best training I have ever attended, it helped me both personally and professionally. I know this training met my needs and the needs of the Emirates Holidays team, not just motivational but life-changing – beyond mere words can truly describe……Thank you Leslie & Directive Communication International.”

Jyrki Nilson,
Regional Manager Commercial Operations – Emirates Group

“He amazed me with his way of speaking and communicating with us! He is a great speaker who knows what is he talking about and who knows the ‘KNOW HOW’!  He is a person who honestly enjoys life with passion and fun and at the same time he is able to make a huge positive influence on other people. If you heard him to talk once you will never forget him! My only advice to get a chance to listen to him! “

Gyongyi Bottas – Asst Front Office Manager
Emirates Green Lakes Service Apartment – Dubai

“Leslie has truly been an inspiration to me, and for all those embarking on a talk with him, buckle up, it’s going to be an awesome ride !”

Daniel Galatis,
Australian Tourism Commission

“An astonishing man, the David Blaine of the talks, simply the best. What I learned best from Leslie is that you find what you seek and focus on. You will never see your true potential unless you apply what you learn. Also don’t let other people take control of your life, your life is your own and only you, yourself, can change that! “

Stanley Elwynn Choi
Philippines Tourism

“Thanks for Inspiring and firing up the Emirates Holidays Team!

Keynote / Motivational speaker for Emirates Holidays Brochure Launch
John Felix – Sr. Vice President – Emirates Holidays
Dubai. U.A.E.

Contact Information

Leslie Choudhury                                                           



 Bali,  Singapore,  Malaysia

 Hp:  +65 9 634 7354