"I have not attended such CREATIVE training ever before in my life"

"EXCELLENCE in customer satisfaction have come to REALITY through 2 days of training" "DIFFERENT in all aspects as it was delivered by Mr. Leslie Choudhury, who is a LIVING GENIUS"
Posted By: Kasber Johnson
Manager-Service Operations TAC, Muscat, Oman
"Leslie is one unique trainer. He has this ability to impart in a very interesting and fun way! With his jokes, stories and funny videos, he makes us understand and gives appropriate and real examples which are related to the point he is trying to get across. Thank you."

Posted By: Diana Ngan Chai King
For someone who I must admit was a tad sceptical walking into your session yesterday, you turned me around totally!

Your presentation was, in a word, sensational.

You pitched to the audience perfectly. Your words were carefully chosen and the video examples excellent - they were apt to the overall tone of the session - the right amount of humour with a very strong underlying message - brilliant!

Well done again on a great presentation - thoroughly enjoyable with a message that was well and truly delivered!

Posted By: Ian McDougal
International Marketing Manager Tourism Victoria Melbourne, Australia
"The first lession you ever taught me was 'Little things make a difference'. This sentence woke me up from my arrogance and comfort zone. I learnt that despite being successful, the need to stay humble...
When i first heard about Dr. Leslie, he was well-known for his motivational talent, I doubted that and decided to find out if is it true...But the fact is ..You are naturally motivational which converted me, made me to someone with ambition and confidence, while i wasn't even aware of being changed. You've been a life-coach..And you kept your promise of coaching us to live in the real world. I'm grateful to you !"
Posted By: Jade Vu Bich Ngoc
Executive-James Cook University
"From the very first moment I saw him, I knew something was very different. He was wearing a jacket and a tie that screamed multi-colour! Uncertain at this point whether or not I was in the right class, I approached Leslie and asked "I am not sure if I am meant to be here..." and he replied, "Dont worry, this is a class you won't want to miss." Leslie has a way of presenting that inspires me. Every word he said carried an element of interest.
He would use jokes and stories that fit to the topic he was teaching. Every class, people would smile and laugh, but at the same time learn the content of the course. Leslie has that unique ability to express to you so many interesting facts not only about the course but on the world around you.
He has truly been an inspiration to me, and for all those embarking on a course with him, buckle up, it's going to be an awesome ride!"
Posted By: Daniel Galatis
"I am Red and my journey through life will be a lot better now that I know it. Your training was a unique and new learning curve for me. I see myself relating to the Coloured brain in my day to day life professionally and personally. What has been the biggest gain was rediscovering my true potential during the three days spent with you guys. Suddenly I am not afraid anymore and it is a great feeling. I am in the process of redefining my goals and am sure the learning will go a long way in helping me achieve the same. What you are doing is a great service to society. Thank you once again. "
Posted By: Francis Dharmai
Business Development Manager Emirates Holidays
My first impression of Dr Leslie when he entered the room in a hot pink jacket was I Love this man. He was colorful, loud, and interesting, but Leslie is also a great speaker who grabs everybodys attention. Leslie is very experienced and with a charismatic interest to teach and share his knowledge. I feel I have learned a lot from him that I can actually use in real life !
Dr Leslie is an inspiring speaker who delivers value !
Posted By: Johanna Nordell
"Leslie is a person with great ability to impart knowledge and skills ! "
Posted By: Jimmy Ooi Managing Director ISE Travel Pte Ltd
Secretary-General National Association of Travel Agents Singapore
I am happy to have been part of the transformational leadership training and feel it has made a positive impact on me. “I can control the effect of my environment on me and also influence it in a positive way.” I learned at the training, particularly the postures, brain colours, and visualization techniques. I was particularly impressed with the working of the different types of ‘coloured brain’ and feel that this is something I will try to use almost daily in my work environment. The exercises were fun and allowed us to learn while keeping us alert and interested. The relaxed teaching style helped make the sessions very interactive. Thank you.
Posted By: Caroline George
Public Relations from Emirates Holidays
"I came out of Leslie's class with renewed confidence about my today and tomorrow. He fostered and communicated the belief in me that the "Power of One is Boundless". One person can truly make the difference! "
Posted By: Fatima Mascharenhas
Customer Service Manager – Emirates Holidays - Dubai

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