"Leslie’s workshops were entertaining, with the ability to put obscure concepts in very simple, easy to understand terms. His workshops were also thought provoking!"

David Tay

"Leslie is a dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic trainer! It was an amazing experience to be trained under him! His delivery style captured my 100% attention from the moment I was sat down till the end of the workshop. The contents were enriching and it would definitely help me in improving my communication with others."
Jasline Chua

"Leslie, is an experienced trainer, capturing my undivided attention throughout the entire workshop. The workshop has enabled me to understand the behaviour of myself and others around me allowing me to communicate efficiently with others. "

Stella Peh
Posted By: David Tay
"I feel very privileged to have the chance to attend your training. Really captured my attention throughout the two days training through your stories and animated style. They are stories with big meanings which hold important lessons in life. Thank you! "

Cyndi Hon

"Leslie Choudhury is one of the most inspiring and influential speakers/trainers I have ever come across; very knowledgeable, very informative, very entertaining with his great sense of humour. The workshop targeted the issues/problems that some of us were facing resolved through interaction with one another. "
Jason Mah

"Leslie was able to capture my attention and ignite an interest in me wanting to know what would be his next topic. "

Hong Fan Shin
Posted By: Cyndi Hon
"Leslie has an unique way of training; his use of stories or experiences to make the whole session more interesting and alive. We were attracted and always kept our ‘souls’ in the class and was able to imprint his messages into our minds by having us participate in role play games "

Tang Yann Song

"I feel that the workshop is very enriching as it helps us to know who we are and how we think. Apart from self-awareness, we have the opportunity to know what and how others think too. The workshop is conducted in a very lively way, with this we are able to absorb more information that is being taught. "
Priscilia Tan

"The course is the best course I have attended this year."

Eow Yeong Taur

"The working atmosphere was different and we could all feel it. All these positive changes and cheerful spirit are the by-products of Leslie’s training. The objective of the training has been met and we would like to say a big 'Thank You' to Leslie"

Gabrielle Lee
Posted By: Tang Yann Song

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