“Leslie is one of the most dynamic speakers I have met! His wit and charming humor combined with his zealous applications of Directive Communication Psychology really make a noticeable and lasting difference in his audiences. He is a Great Speaker, an Artist of Influence, and an Exceptional facilitator of Excellence in others
Posted By: Arthur F. Carmazzi
Founder of the Directive Communication™ Methodology and Asia's No. 1 Change Leadership Speaker Trainer
Thank you too for being such a pleasure to work with, and special thanks for the trainings you conducted for us, we learnt so much from it. Leslie is:

Our # 1 selling trainer for in house trainings
Our # 1 trainer receiving highest number of positive evaluations from clients
Our # 1 most colorful and animated trainer

Looking forward to our continued working together!
Posted By: Manpreet Sanchana
Conference Director Marcus Evans, Kuala Lumpur
"You have been fabulous. The only speaker to get a standing ovation! All my delegates have fallen in love with you and are asking for more. Through you, it has been Multievents success. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you. We are working on 2011 programs with you….and I am sure that we will now easily fill the room with 300+ delegates this time."
Posted By: Sonia COMERA & Kiran DINARAN
Co-Founder & Founder Multievents Ltd
Leslie helped the senior management team of Saudi Paper to formulate a new Vision, a Strategic Plan and energized us to work towards that. Thank You.
Posted By: Mubarak Alkhater
CEO Saudi Paper Group
"Leslie Choudhury conducted a Program on ‘Personal Leadership.’ Participants included the Vice – Chancellor of a leading university, Chairmen and Managing Directors of Banks and large Conglomerates. The Governor, Bangladesh (Central) Bank formally inaugurated the Program.I asked myself what led ‘Gurus International’ to rank a youngish-looking man like him as one of the World’s top Communication Gurus. I wondered, if I had chosen the right Person to deliver the Program which we had marketed with lofty promises. To my utter satisfaction, the young Guru wearing his favourite red Jacket proved within minutes of his public appearance that there could be no other person than him to conduct such a largely attended Program. INTIMATE had never registered such a big number of Participants comprising of senior level Professionals, in any of its Programs before. Leslie’s enchanting style of presentation, eloquent deliberation, witty and humorous interaction kept the audience spell-bound throughout the Program that ended with high applause for him."
Posted By: M H Rahman
Managing Partner, INTIMATE & Chairman ARENCO Group - Bangladesh
"In a delightful, boisterous and rather untraditional manner that rivets your attention, Leslie Choudhury defines how to actualize your self-awareness to successfully relate to people in all circumstances. He stands out as a master story-teller who can reach a diverse audience without any boundaries or limitations. It is only Leslie who can wear a red jacket with such panache for he delivers quite a powerful message that will be remembered for a long time to come. "
Posted By: Tatiana Banicevic
Assistant Vice President
"Working with Leslie Choudhury has exceeded all our expectations. Leslie’s motivational, passionate, colourful and inclusive style of training has contributed tremendously toward the development of STS’s staff and we will be undoubtedly working with Leslie in the future "
Posted By: Alex Clark
Special Technical Services L.L.C. Alex Clark | General Manager Operations
"We spent wonderful and rich moments with you. The way you share your passion is incredibly powerful. Thank you again. Best regards, "
Posted By: Nicolas Ricard
Assistant Vice Prersident Marketing - BAI, Mauritius
"The training with Mr. Leslie Choudhury (as defined above) definitely was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. Leaving the class room with a WOW feeling every single day and being able to apply everything which has been taught in the classroom is one of the greatest things ever! Leslie is one of those people who can motivate you to the extreme- if he would tell you to jump out of the window and fly; you would do- because he made you believe you CAN. He’s an amazing person and so is the training- well structured, organized, full of examples, powerful, motivating, etc. In addition to this, he is able to establish a kind of relationship with each and everybody in the course from the first moment by being honest, extremely respectful, and caring and by being open-minded. The entire training and trainers are absolutely recommendable and I’m looking forward seeing Leslie and his team again! Thanks a lot for this eye-opener Leslie and Boooyaaaahhh! "
Posted By: Annett Neugebauer ( Germany )
Administration Coordinator Green Lakes Serviced Apartments (Emirates Hotels & Resorts) A Division of Emirates Airline
"When I walked into the conference room I thought "this guy better be good at what he does" - and yes you were!! We all had an enlightening experience and will benefit from the lessons learned and experiences shared. I for one now have a whole new concept in my mind when the word "Presentation" comes up. It was a pleasure to receive you in Oman. Looking forward to our next meeting.
Best Regards,
PS - I totally get the jackets now! "
Posted By: Farid Elahi
Special Technical Services L.L.C. | Sr. Division Manager | Director Sultanate of Oman

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