“It was an excellent seminar especially The Colour of Your Brain and Emotional drivers sessions; am totally amazed with the system and want to study more about this in order for me to improve my human relationship skills not only with friends and colleagues but also with my children and husband. I would also like to introduce it to my HR so that the company will be able to select and allocate the right person to the right place to maximise the productivity and enhance the works efficiency and create a harmony working environment. By the way what an inspiring book too! Thank you Leslie.”
Posted By: Lin, Lim
Secretary to MD Polymatech(Malaysia)Sdn. Bhd
"Dr Leslie creates magic through inspirational true energetic speeches, stories and questions. Energy is all over the place, just after 1 minute of the session you know that you want more. His charisma and self-confidence gives you the tools to conquer your destiny. Conclusion; live your dreams, join Team Leslie! "

Posted By: Sebastian Lindstrom / Hong Kong
"Having the Customer Relationship Management course (well its not a course actually, it was a lesson on life) really broaden my knowledge and concept of making good and lasting relationships not only as a professional but also in my personal life. Through Dr Leslie, the concept and implementation became simple. Just focus on "what benefits can I bring to my counter-part, commit to it and the fruitful result will follow eventually". 2 thumbs up for Dr Leslie !
Posted By: Denny Purwadi
Indonesia Head of Relationship Management, Consumer Finance ABN AMRO Bank NV
Started this course with trepidation and fear
that I wouldn’t succeed; I was so unsure
of my commitment, my dedication, my chosen career.
I’m faced with challenges, right now, right here.

I walk into class and who do I see?
My animated trainer, Leslie Choudhury.
From the very first lesson, he’s instilled in me
renewed passion and love for my chosen industry.

His techniques, his character, his stories galore;
can’t wait to see just what’s in store.
Never have I met one so captivating before.
Leslie makes you want to go forth and learn more.

Learning with Leslie is undoubtedly fun.
Each point he makes dawns as bright as the sun.
You’re never too old; Dr. Les, please pardon the pun.
With your confidence and guidance, I’m now ready to run.
Posted By: Fiona Ann Lincoln
Singapore Activities Manager – Singapore Cricket Club
"I probably need to pinch myself to know that this is me. This program has changed the way I think, the way I deal with people; I’m not impatient or stressed out like I used to be. Every situation now makes me pause to think of the appropriate way to address it. This program is a must. Thank you Leslie, Arthur and the entire team of Directive Communication International. "
Posted By: Andre’s Leung
Administration Manager – Emirates Harbour Hotel & Residence
"Leslie thank you for the Emotional Intelligence class that you have conducted in our SABIC Office. It was most Emotional Class I have ever attended as it changed and shifted my feelings for things I felt unfair and wrong or right. You have made all of us in this class feeling normal for things we may have seen it or thought that was abnormal to be feeling that way. Learning the different Brain Types did make a difference in our daily life now that we know different coloured brain functions or click in a different tone or way to doing things. Your encouragement to use it and practice it is the key to successful handling of people.

Thank you once again for the excellent class conducted at SABIC and I appreciate the special section to talk about a scenario that I have asked during one of the break sessions. Your great personality and big heart will bring about laughter and motivation to all who will or have attended your sessions and make them a different person when they walk out of your classroom. I will remember your encouraging words and face every-day with a smile on my face. Lastly here is a “BOO-YAA” to you and all that sees these comments from me ! "
Posted By: Susan Pua
Executive Secretary, Executive Office SABIC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd One Temasek Avenue #06-01 Millenia Tower Singapore 039192 www.sabic.com
"First of all i would like say thank you for changing my life and giving me a confidence. After your training i am feeling changes in life, now i am watching people in different way i started to observe the other persons , Your training is amazing specially Colour Brain, Human Drivers, Postures , Evaluation of ourselves, taking the feedback from others which is really good, it is having most impact on me now i knew about my self better than before now i know what to improve in me, Actually i would like to say that whole training is the best , this is the best TRAINING which i ever done . Mr, LESLIE you are the best , what i have seen in you that you have all the answer you know how to handle the different type of persons , how to make them understand, what they want to know ,your examples are very easy to understand. your acting and mimicries amazing . I really like your "T" game , which is having most impact on all of us . i am one of the lucky person out of 300 staff who got the training from u. once again thank you for choosing me for this training . "

Posted By: Vijay kumar
(Revolutionary Patriot)
Leslie Is a Speaker: Inspirational and Intellectual. I also liked your Identity and your personal branding ! – it’s bold, strong and prominent. You were different from any other speaker there ! You are simply wonderful! In conclusion, all the delegates acknowledged you were the best among all the 12 international speakers !
Posted By: Margaret Hoe
"I’m giving your Communication course a 9 out of 10. It was one of the most intellectually-challenging courses I have ever attended in recent times. "
Posted By: Alin Patran, Ph.D
Principal Engineer Center of Excellence
"After attending the Vision & Visualization talk with Leslie..I have completely allowed myself to accept the idea that anything is possible with Visions. The 4 rules for visioning : 1. Visualize, 2, Be specific, 3. Be Descriptive and 4. Be concise have already set in my mind. His talk was uniquely fun & enjoyable. My only regret was the talk was too short. I wanted more. He is dynamic and a great trainer, the feeling and the first impression he left in me is very deep. Seriously I am looking forward for more of his talks and workshops and want all my staff to attend it "
Posted By: Vijayah Sigamani
Director Royal Security Mgmt Svcs P L

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