"I have never had so much FUN ever before and now that I look back and ponder is when i realise that i have learnt sooo much from Dr.Leslie. He has taught us with great interest and care but also about life, relationships, work etc and has opened up a totally new prespective in doing things. And the results have been amazing!!! I have learnt a lot about myself and discovered my potential with his help and guidence. Thank you Dr. Leslie.. thanx for being our coach!"
Posted By: Shah Aarti
India Event Organizer Executive
"Dr Leslie, One of the most talented individuals I have ever met. I will always remember his advise; to always think smart, be creative and be different ! The one person who can change several outfits during his training sessions and even dressed in a bright Red Coat just like a classic British Army Uniform. I will remember .... Always Personalize and always call a person by their name."

Posted By: Adhitia Rheinendra
Indonesia Service Manager - Citigroup Indonesia
"Leslie is very friendly, innovative with his coaching and is genuine towards everyone. He is an outstanding trainer and his messages are always clearly delivered. No one will ever get bored in his training. Leslie touches LIVES! Thank you so much Les!"
Posted By: Cho Foo In
Costing & Purchasing Manager – Winson Press Pte Ltd
"I found the course," Effective Live Presentations that Get Results" that Leslie conducted very pertinent to my position. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The information divulged, that a Presentation is a package involving the Presenter, as well as the Presentation was an eye-opener. I would recommend this course to any-one who has to interact with peers and clients in a meeting/presentation environment."
Posted By: Kieran Clarke
Australia Regional Technical Support,Baker Hughes INTEQ
"Leslie was very bubbly and presented the seminar in such an interesting and creative manner. I have really enjoyed myself these 5 weeks and managed to learn a great deal as well. Your Stanford University story it was really touching and emotional. I will always cherish the phrase you used….People will forget our words, People will even forget what we do, But people will never forget how we make them feel. It really hit me a lot to think further to enlarge on my circle of tolerance.

Thank you Leslie and last not least whenever if I happened to see or read the words “handcuffed” it will always remind me of YOU. Do keep up with your talented manner and easy to understand presentation style.
God bless you and your family."
Posted By: Magdeleine Yeo
Customer Service Executive – Winson Press Pte Ltd
"I thoroughly enjoyed Leslie’s training. His delivery was so engaging that I lost all track of time. By any measure he is one of the most effective speaker / trainer. His training really helped me not only in my work and also in my personal life, I have shared what I’ve learnt with my colleagues, friends and even with my family. I began to see things in a more positive ways; I’m more sensitive to people’s behaviors and feelings now. It has helped me to understand people easier and am now able to strengthen any relationship with anyone. Thank you very much Leslie! You are simply GREAT!"
Posted By: Samuel Ng
Scheduling Executive – Winson Press Pte Ltd
"you are after all my most favourite speaker/trainer/guru/story teller....ever !!!! "
Posted By: Shantha Fonseka’s
Corporate Sales / Reservation Manager - Emirates Hotels & Resorts
"Leslie is an exceptional trainer. He has the ability to bring out the practicality of any theory and enable you to use it straight away in your daily life. Not only does he motivate you to be a better person, he uses very interesting stories to drive home the point. Most importantly to me, its not really how he says it or does things in his training but how he makes me feel; I believe he has helped me tremendously to transform into a more confident and positive person."
Posted By: K.C Poon
Senior Account Manager – Winson Press Pte Ltd
"I have learnt a lot from Leslie, during my program. He is humorous, friendly & also a great trainer, mentor & friend to be. I enjoyed the learning & sharing sessions that we had with him. YOU ARE GREAT!"
Posted By: Serene Tan
Singapore Account Manager - ABACUS
"Your training sessions had been both entertaining and enriching. I’ve learnt to emphasize more on the positive side of matters instead of dwelling on the negativity that will get me nowhere in solving problems. I’ve since put on the Right attitude coat, in the Right place and at the Right time and become a better person in the process. "
Posted By: Lee Teck Boon
Key Account Manager – Winson Press Pte Ltd

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