"I have become one of your greatest fans and will consult your blog regularly. It was wonderful experience for me to have come across someone like you, very humble but with incredible passion, a determined person with extra-ordinary energy. You say the simple truth in such an elegant way that many people cannot do; my Master of Wows - (your nickname). Leslie, God has given you the power to light up the lives of many people who cross your path. You have left your footprints in Mauritius.
Posted By: Sooraya Soormally
Sales & Marketing Manager Le Matinal / The Independent Daily APCA GROUP (Mauritius-India-Nepal)
The topic on “R.A.S and Coloured Brains” was enriching and we were glad to have Leslie to deliver this talk in our recent Annual Convention. He is a lively presenter, able to connect with the audience through his humorous way. Great speaker, effective trainer and engaging author! Thank You.
Posted By: James Chua
Vice Principal East Asia Institute of Management
I've listened to many gurus in my life but never met someone like you...you are an outstanding fellow who change and drive people....I feel energized and even more determined in realizing all my ambitions and there's something you said that I will remember for the rest of my life.....if you want to achieve great things in life, you have to dream first, then plan, believe, act and actualize. This and the explanation was phenomenal!
Posted By: Dr. Ranjiv Boolauck
Head Corporate Planning & Development
Thank you for sharing with me this excellent tool, on EQ and communication! I have read many books, attended several courses (what a waste of time!) and none beats this course - YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!. Excellent job! Two thumbs up and hats off! This is an excellent life skills workshop. Everyone should attend to add value to their relationships, both at home and at work!
Posted By: Teoh Ai Nee
IT Support Manager, Asia Pacific region CH2M HILL Singapore Pte Ltd
The Vision Alignment program conducted by Leslie Choudhury was amazing. We could see positive behaviour change from our core team members by even just the 2nd week, which in turn affected the rest of the company. As our industry is very competitive and time sensitive one; where we encounter constant and varied challenges that this training addressed so appropriately. This training of and applying Directive Communication Psychology has made our people more cohesive and approach challenges with a positive attitude. All of our guests at the final presentation were very impressed with the energy and the commitment of our people. I am proud of my staff and despite of the time commitment and expenses I feel and know it was a well justified decision. I highly recommend this program for any organisation who wants to bring out the very best performance from their people and create a productive environment which is aligned to corporate vision.

Thank You Leslie & Directive Communication International.

Posted By: Tan Jit Khoon
Chief Executive Officer Winson Press Pte Ltd www.winson.com
Leslie is one of the most Exceptional & Outstanding trainers that I have ever met. He has exceeded my expectations by his unique style of training which is definitely one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Leslie is the best, a very lively trainer who knows how to connect with all the audience through his humorous ways. The training was powerful, awesome & sensational! You are simply Different & Great!
Posted By: Rooma Caulee
Sales & Marketing Manager
A dynamic, exciting presentation, where Leslie's brain colour explanation really helped us appreciate differences amongst staff members. He makes learning fun and took us through hands-on exercises to help reinforce those principles. We laughed, shouted and at the end of his presentations, walked out a better team
Posted By: Doug Erdmann
Country Leader The Navigators Singapore
"It’s a MUST for anyone wanting to improve himself/ herself to attend Leslie’s classes. His lessons are not only uniquely fun and enjoyable, but they are also extraordinarily enriching! There was never a moment where I felt like ‘switching off’. His teachings can be applied in all aspects of my life and its values will definitely last a lifetime. Thank you Leslie, for your boundless enthusiasm and unending passion in making a difference!!"
Posted By: Hui Ming AU
Product Specialist [Eprex; Prograf; Doribax] Janssen-Cilag (a division of Johnson & Johnson)
Leslie enlightened the participants with his direct communication skills, structured and organized method of presentation. His revelations on psychology of Brain Colour, R.A.S delighted the participants and his skill in calling the participants by name and his direct interaction with each participant made the sessions enriching. Even after winning 3 times Global Award for Excellence in Customer Service our participants felt that this training session has given us more knowledge and skill to further excel in customer service. Thank You.
Posted By: Anil Kumar.T
Manager - Operations Towell Auto centre LLC Azaiba , Sultanate of Oman

"It was creative, challenging, fun and refreshing. You've recommendations from all of us to our HR departments. Your workshop was one of the best sessions that I've ever been to. Two days is just not enough. I feel strong positive energy with passion that has been transferred from you.”
Posted By: Luthfi Hifni
Senior Sales Manager East Indonesia MONIER

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