"I love the way the ‘Strategic Change Leadership’ class was conducted, your story telling and movie clips are most captivating and inspiring! It’s so thrilling to be able to know the right qualities of a leader and how to grow into that leader that makes a difference with the right influence!"
Posted By: J Leslie Chuah
Global Custom Solution and Operations Dell Global Business Centre
"In my view, Leslie has definitely opened the window to knowing myself better in a very objective way and from that platform given me the strength to influencing people and environment in a more effective manner. His style of communication has been very pleasing, refreshing, down to earth, realistic and above all highly motivating!"
Posted By: Ojo, James Vining Olu
Commercial Manager Telecoms Namibia
"You can always remember Leslie's presentation as he made it so interesting and engaging. He delivers in a way that people can connect the stories with their own situations and at the same time, laugh about them. Also I just love reading "Once Upon A Time" as it contains so many interesting stories that motivate and inspire. I finished reading the whole book in one go. "
Posted By: Sally Teo
Marketing Manager Seraya Energy Pte Ltd
"Leslie’s impact was not only made by the shining colour of his outfit , but also by the smooth and fabulous quality of his training. This is one of the courses I most enjoyed and learned from . It’s totally inspiring. Many of the paradigms that we all took for granted will change now , both at work and at home. We all indeed had a great time and I personally look forward to another life-time experience with Leslie! "
Posted By: Ashraf Eisouh
General Manager - Sales Zamil Steel /SSD
"Leslie was a great speaker and he is very interactive….. Keeps your mind going while you are attending his class. He helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses and teaches you how to resolve problems. It’s engaging and useful when you are managing difficult people. Leslie is a fantastic story-teller. Wouldn’t the world be more perfect with the touch of graciousness. This is what I have learnt from Leslie “Selflessness”…… Yes, you can DO IT. Thanks Leslie for all the guidance. "

Posted By: Eileen Shang
National University of Singapore
"Touching Minds & Hearts of people is not an easy, but you do it & masterfully ! You are different with unique branding! You have the most powerful persuasive technique which engages people’s full senses and with Story-Telling influence, communicate & inspire. Thanks again for the advanced leadership excellence workshop. "
Posted By: Dr. Ayman
"Creative and lively, Leslie’s training is full of energy. Great presentation with videos and living examples. He is one of the best trainers and I will definitely recommend everyone to attend his course. Booyaa Leslie! "
Posted By: Eileen Shang
National University of Singapore
"Leslie’s training is powerful, sensational, knowledgeable and practical. We were delighted with the Advanced leadership Excellence training and gained a lot from it. Practical points were dealt with and the workshop was executed with maximum benefit , Leslie showed a high level of Inspiration with his smart use of Audio-Visuals, he was able to highlight a lot of points that needed management emphasis and to be thoroughly dealt with, all in all it was a Great Experience we thank you for it."
Posted By: Dr. Taleb
"Fantastic! Leslis has truly enlightened me; a wonderful workshop filled with laughter and interaction. We did not only have fun; we actually learned something which would make an impact in us forever."

Bryan Lee

"Leslie, you are simply great! Your lessons are simply FunnY, InTeReStInG and INSPIRING!! Now I can think and see things more positively. Thank you, Guru!" Liong Weng Heng

"Lesile is a charismatic trainer and he is able to use his personal image to motivate others. One of Leslie's most powerful tools is his ability to articulate images using stories in such a way that everyone can really understand and go along with the happenings in the stories"

Lee Yin
(aka Miss Handcuff Lady)
Posted By: Bryan Lee
"Excellent workshop. Leslie is very talented! Knowledge sharing, good illustrations, role plays, teaching aids, a humorous speaker where laughter can be heard every moment. The Colored Brain and understanding of Emotional Drivers improved my interpersonal skill"

Elsie Tay

"The feeling and first impression he left in me was very deep. I began to realize Leslie was in fact a very dynamic and great trainer with capability to motivate and bring people into the topics he was touching on. He never failed to bring laughter making the workshop an enjoyable, relaxed and fun learning environment for every participant. "
Dedric Lee

"Leslie is a enthusiastic, entertaining, educational and great trainer! He has made me laugh during the two days of training more than the entire year combined. He has the hindsight to perceive the lacking elements that we have to strengthen and develop us in our working place. He is fearless and possesses the moral courage to say or suggest things which he feels need to be put right and receptive and not to be judgmental when accepting feedback from others"

Roger Ng
Posted By: Elsie Tay

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